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Do you have installation?

Yes, we have installation guides and also compatibility checks. You can find these within our Knowledge Base

What is a Product Key (Licence Key)?

This is a serial number or product codes, usually created of a unique combination of letters and numbers, which is used to activate the product.

What is a digital download or electronic delivery?

A digital download is an electronic form of acquiring a document, file or software package usually delivered to you through the internet, most commonly through email, giving you access to download the product you have purchased immediately.

Does your system generate the Product Key?

No, we do not create any Product Keys, we simply store the keys provided to us and then automatically allocate them to a customer when an order has been processed.

How do I receive my Product Key?

Instant Keys uses electronic delivery only (keys or packaging will not be physically delivered). We make your unique product key visible on screen with an official Microsoft link to download your software after payment has been completed. We also send this information within your order confirmation email to the email provided on the order.

How quickly do I receive my Product Key?

Our fast and efficient e-delivery system allows for automatic allocation of your product key and near instant delivery. Once payment has been processed we make your unique product key visible on screen with an official Microsoft link to download your software. We also send this confirmation to the email provided on the order. This ensures we can provide our quick service to all of our customers at any time of the day.

Why didn't I receive my Product Key instantly?

In most cases, your product key will be shown on the order confirmation page, however, in some rare instances we will hold order to protect against fraud. If this happens you will receive a message from us. Your order would then be manually checked by one of our advisors and is usually cleared within a approximately one hour. If we required any further information to allow us to do this, we would contact you on the email provided with the order.

Is this software a legitimate version?

Yes. We encourage and force all of our customers to register their email address with their specific Microsoft Product Key during the Microsoft online activation. This ensures verification and tracking of their authentic software. By doing this you can be confident the Microsoft Office product you have purchased is 100% legitimate. We only provide the Product Key, you will always the download the software direct from Microsoft.

How are you able to sell this software at such a low price?

As we work closely with our suppliers and purchase large volumes we are able to obtain the lowest prices possible. As an online store using an electronic delivery system, we are also able sustain minimal overheads.

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